3 Simple Action Steps to Living a More Inspired Life

Visualize Your Dream

What do you aspire to achieve and experience in your life… personally, professionally, financially? Write it down. Create a vision board of your wildest desires. Allow your mind and heart to soar with possibilities. Believe and know that your innermost desires are attainable by allowing the spirit of your passions to drive your every move. Don’t be shy – it is YOUR life!

Be Inspired

Plant and nurture the seeds of inspiration; explore your passions. Study the gutsy individuals who are carving out unique paths and making breakthroughs in the areas that parallel your dreams.

Make time to be inspired. Swop Access Hollywood for TedTalks or documentaries. It’s amazing how quickly we lose interest in celebrities when you find ‘no names’ cleaning up the planet and ‘on a dime’ no less.

Being inspired by the journeys of others is contagious, which leads me to the final simple action step to assure an inspired life.

Inspire Others

Inspiring others to be their best and watching their confidence soar is powerful.

Take a minute to appreciate the professor, boss or mentor that set you on a path of higher being. Amazing how fondly we remember their inspiration! That is their legacy; not the actual class they taught or success they achieved but the belief they instilled in us; that unshakable self-confidence we carry with us today.


I do my best to have inspiration all around me. Some resources are life long relationships while others are quick. Here are my top two, 3-minute daily reads that you may enjoy: