Get in Sync with Your Professional Purpose

Living out your purpose is doing what you naturally do exceptionally well and marrying it with your professional choices.

Purpose is an individualistic gift we possess intuitively that shines in every category of our lives.

You may be an encourager; always empowering others in their job, supporting mothers on the soccer field or shining light no matter what the situation. Spreading this positive energy comes naturally and energizes you just as much as it energizes others – in and out of the boardroom.

Serving from your heart proves fruitful in every profession. Serve from the place that sparks you – it’s contagious.

Serving your company goes beyond your actual job requirement such as increasing sales; it may be the unique way in which you serve your client and the passion you have for building those relationships through your gift of encouragement that makes sales flourish. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Making others feel respected and valued is a sure fire way to build a loyal customer following.

Believing in your gifts can often be the hardest part. Our lack of confidence leads us to believe that since these gifts come so easily, they aren’t ‘powerful’ enough to build businesses.

However your gifts, for example, the gift of encouragement and service to your clients are exactly WHY they are doing business with you in the first place.

You’re catapulting sales and reaping the rewards because you’re living in your Professional Purpose.

Whether you are a CEO, sales manager or small business owner, it doesn’t matter what type of industry, as long as you are in sync with your purpose and apply it to that role, you are unstoppable. And happy to boot.