Mind Over Matter? Why Work When You Don’t Have To?

The benefits of meditation go beyond destressing the mind; meditation actually expands the mind.  It gives it insight and illumination.  It builds wisdom and compassion.*

Simply put, we overachievers overthink our road to success and need to get out of our heads.  It’s time you “Trust your gut!” when addressing your next career move.  

Meditation is proven to help you get in sync with your own source of inspiration. Getting in tune with your source of inspiration is very powerful.  Most of us are only using about 1% of our brain.  The remaining 99% of our intelligence resides in our subconscious where your source feeds your inspiration, most powerful ideas and best solutions to problems.**

  • Have you taken the time to visualize your dream job? The career you love where you build great influence and make a difference?
  • Have you set the steps to grow beyond your current situation and into the one you desire the most?

It’s not easy creating that path when you’re too busy doing all you can to simply produce in your current role.  However, getting out of your head and more in tune with your heart can direct you with definitive power.

3 Steps to a Successful Career

Allow yourself to sit quietly, breathe, meditate … choose whatever type of meditation facilitates an open space for you to express and release your observations, inner fears, dreams, and visions.

Open yourself up to inner peace and self-awareness. Allow your mind, body and soul to become centered.  Revel in the clarity that comes as your subconsciousness gets in tune with your source of inspiration.

From this place of calm inspiration; visualize your ultimate career.  Think big!  Be selfish!  It’s your life!  Visualize the legacy you’d like to leave behind professionally and personally. The changes you’d like to see in your industry or arena or provide for your family.  

Where is that opportunity? With what company can you achieve this? Don’t apologize for high standards!  

Visualize the environment you’d love to work in, the colleagues you’d like to collaborate with, imagine the ideal setting that you’d thrive in. Visualize the sense of security and freedom from the compensation you desire.  Get a clear picture of what you really want out of your career so it fits into your life’s desires.  Make sure to keep this vision near and visualize often.

With this new empowered vision; you have the clarity to set detailed digestible action-steps so your dream job and career can become a reality.  

Once you have tapped into your true compass no longer do distractions throw you off course.  You are on top of the plan and know exactly who, what and where to align yourself to best achieve your goals.

What an oxymoron how a quiet sit and no action can actually propel you forward!

Resources: *The Law of Divine Compensation, Marianne Williamson / ** http://personalexcellence.co/blog/reasons-to-meditate/