Professional Purpose: Sustainable Success

Let your God given purpose catapult your career! 

Purpose often sounds “woo woo” and is not generally applied to your career and business success, however I strongly disagree.  Purpose sets your success!  Skills are expected.

Skill: (

  • the ability, one’s knowledge, practice, aptitude, to do something well
  • competent excellence in performance; expertness; dexterity
  • a craft, trade, special training, competence and experience

Purpose: (

  • to set as an aim, intention, or goal for oneself
  • to intend; design; to resolve (to do something)
  • to have a purpose; by design; intentionally

Skills are the expertise necessary to achieve your goal however, purpose, resonates from your core, and is the driving force that innately flames your focus and sustainable success.

Be not afraid to stand by your purpose whether it is to elevate the team around you, create higher company standards and/or to serve clients on a more relational level.

Purpose in the workplace sets you apart from others with your same skills and expertise.  

Purpose and intention are revered as an added value long after a project is accomplished or sale is made.  

Purpose elevates your brand and professional credibility.