The 30 Day Career Challenge

Connect with one person a day for the next 30 days.

Step #1

Generate a list of key people from your network.

Start with current colleagues, mentors and/or cross-functional team members that you respect.  Then jot down professional contacts from your past positions. Next, review your neighbors, friends, family and contacts from social groups you attend. Anyone that you may feel is currently in a role that inspires you or someone whose professional journey you admire and would like to learn more about in or outside of your current industry.  All are fair game.

Step #2

Dial them on the phone. YUP! Dial! Speak! & Verbally connect! No email allowed.

Truly reach out and touch someone. This is where you get the most out of this challenge.  We can all email, text and run away from personal contact, but the goal here is to reach out and connect. Ask them about themselves, share a bit of your current status and simply learn about what’s going on in their worlds, personally and professionally and let them know, you’ve been thinking of them.


You’ll be surprised what you’ll find:

  • You’re going to find out how happy people are to hear from you.
  • You’ll reconnect with old friends and colleagues.
  • You’ll hear about opportunities, you had no idea existed.
  • You’ll make new connections.
  • You’ll learn something new and uncover common interests.
  • You’ll be introduced to alternative viable resources you were unfamiliar with.
  • You’ll be encouraged to reach out to people you did not know.
  • You’ll be empowered by the camaraderie of your network.
  • You’ll realize how easy it is to actually reach out and start conversations.
  • You’ll be inspired to explore something you didn’t know before.

Whether you’re looking to make a big career move or happy where you are, connecting with others is the key to opening doors, building relations and catapulting your career.

Good Luck!